Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) workers and employers share responsibility for occupational health and safety. This concept of an internal responsibility system is based on the principle that workplace parties are in the best position to identify health and safety problems and to develop solutions.

Employers have the most responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and must:

⦁ Keep a safe and well-maintained workplace
⦁ Provide hazard information, proper safety equipment, training and competent supervision
⦁ Have worker representation for the health and safety committee
⦁ Follow proper procedures in case of injury

Supervisors have responsibility to provide:

⦁ A safe workplace and assign safe work
⦁ Training and information
⦁ Supervision

Workers have the right to:

⦁ Know about any unsafe conditions or hazardous materials used in the workplace
⦁ Participate in making their work safe
⦁ Refuse unsafe work

Workers also have responsibility to:

⦁ Work safely and not take risks
⦁ Report unsafe conditions
⦁ Wear the right safety equipment for the job
⦁ Ask their employers about concerns regarding health and safety

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