Frequently Asked Questions

Talent fills contract and permanent positions in the Light Industrial, Hospitality, and Office Services areas.  Those includes positions such as:

  • Forklift operators
  • Bartenders
  • General Labour
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Servers
  • HR
  • Accountants
  • Office Assistants
  • And More…

An employment agency saves not only money but time as well.  Hiring a new employee can cost as much as 1.5x the salary.  By using a staffing agency you avoid a long term commitment and costs such as CPP, unemployment insurance, and time taken away while hiring and training new staff. 

It depends on the job and the requirements but it can take as little as a day or up to a week or more if the job requires a special skill set or unique training.

Temporary employment can give you job experience you may otherwise have trouble getting  through finding full time employment. It allows you to try different positions within different companies and environments you would not see working at a full time position.  Working as a temp can help you figure out what kind of work you like and give you the skills needed to find full time work at a job where you already know what you are getting into.

It varies widely depending on the job and which agency you work with but the numbers can be as high as 75% of temp positions turning into full time permanent jobs. 

The staffing agency is your employer and will be the person who is paying you.  The employment agency is contracting you to work for companies that they work with.

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