About Talent Employment Inc.

Talent takes pride in operating a staffing firm that provides quality employees who are well trained and ready for the field of service they are hired for.


Talent Employment’s staff are proficient and proud of their business. We know the amount of time, creativity, and energy that has gone into our clients’ exceptional professional services. We recognize that each person who works here has a special role in making our clients happy. We believe that excellent customer service is in the details. We are committed and we go the extra mile to ensure our clients have a truly remarkable outcome within the staffing industry. Our dynamic team is here for you, we can customize all your staffing needs and special projects. Regardless of who or how we assist our clients, we are professionally responsible for our clients’ complete satisfaction.


Our mission is to provide exceptional service, support, and productive employment, along with training services, to our diverse community of clientele. The overall objective for Talent Employment Inc. is to be committed to respecting individual differences while accommodating all those whom we serve.  


We are a Staffing Employment business, providing employees who surpass our clients’ staffing needs by achieving the highest level of satisfaction. Our team at Talent has a thorough understanding that they are not just working for Talent, but working directly for you, our client. We take pride in operating a staffing firm that provides quality employees that are well trained and ready for the field of service they are hired for. With our hiring processes, programs, and in-house training, all employees have become interactive in our company’s drive for success. With quality customer service, we strive to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations.  


Our motto at Talent is “Superior Service, Dedicated Staff”. We live by this motto. We believe that there should never be a point where a client feels that they are at their top level of customer service, there are always ways to improve, innovate, and grow. At Talent Employment Inc, we make the impossible possible.

Our team believes that a successful business begins with dynamic people who are committed to the company’s vision. We are results oriented, work with integrity and deliver on our promises.

"Talent Employment Inc. is our “go-to” company for all our staffing requirements. Joanne takes a leadership role after a complete and most competent evaluation of our company’s staffing needs to provide us with people that are up and running i.e Fortune 500 ready to meet the challenges of our business environment. Talent Employment Inc. have far exceeded our expectations with regard to all aspects of outsourcing of all our personnel requirements." 


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Head Office

Address: 5601 Steeles Avenue West, Suite #5
Toronto, ON M9L 1S7
Phone: (416) 748-3982
E-mail:  info@usetalent.com

Business Hours:
Monday          9:00 a.m -  5:00 p.m
Tuesday          9:00 a.m -  6:00 p.m
Wednesday    9:00 a.m -  6:00 p.m
Thursday        9
:00 a.m -  6:00 p.m
Friday             9
:00 a.m -  6:00 p.m 
Saturday        9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m
Sunday*         10:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m *(By appointment only)